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Hatha Yoga at a friendly neighborhood studio!

Juliette Kurth

Silver Lake Yoga Co-Founder and Instructor

My particular appreciation and curiosity for Yoga stems from my love for movement and also how the body works. I started out as a professional (and paid) ballet dancer at School of American Ballet, Joffery II, and American Dance Machine. I was also always interested in Anatomy and kinesiology; I took a number of courses and read manuals on the study of how the body and its parts work together.

I was first introduced to Yoga at The B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Institute in New York City. It was there that I developed my particular interest in the mechanics of getting in and out of poses efficiently and with proper alignment. After studying in this style for seven years, I branched out into other forms: Ashtanga Yoga, or what we call today "Power Yoga,'' and Vini Yoga, which has a more therapeutic aspect. I was certified through both the White Lotus Foundation under Ganga White and Tracy Rich and The Center For Yoga. I have had many teachers: B.K.S. Iyengar, Tim Miller, Max Thomas, Pam Schutz, Eric Shiffman, Diana Beardsley, Desikachar, Judith Lasiter, Mary Dunn, and John Friend, to name a few.

In 1991 I met my husband Jonathan Emerson. I started to teach classes at a local dance studio in the neighborhood, at private homes, and at “work place” gyms. I also developed a Seniors' Yoga class at Glendale Hospital. Eventually my husband and I joined forces and decided to pool our efforts; we opened Silver Lake Yoga in 1994. A year later I had a baby and naturally became interested in Prenatal Yoga;"I began studying with all of the 'Greats" in the Prenatal/Exercise field; Elizabeth Noble, Geeta S. Iyengar, Rocki Graham and the Himalayan Institute. I had my second child, Charlotte in 1999, and it was that birth that motivated me to become a Doula. I was certified as a D.O.N.A. cerified Doula in 2003 and have been active in the labor and post labor process ever since then (see more.) As my children grew, I became interested in Kids' Yoga as well as Teens and became certified with Yoga Ed. in May of 2008. I am a witness to the "Circle Of Life" at Silver Lake Yoga and feel ever so grateful to witness this cycle.

Jonathan Emerson

Silver Lake Yoga Co-Founder and Instructor

I've been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and teaching since 1994. I did my teacher training with Erich Schiffmann at Yoga Works and I have continued studying with him over the years. Another important influence has been the White Lotus style of Ganga White.

Since co-founding Silverlake Yoga in 1995, I have specialized in teaching beginners. I try to give clear, concise instructions for getting in and out of the poses and continually stress the importance of focusing on the breath to stay relaxed. I work slowly and deeply -- holding a pose long enough for students to experience its full benefits.

My classes can be challenging, but students are always encouraged to work at their own pace and rest whenever they need to. I also focus on posture and proper alignment, and can easily adapt poses for students with injuries or special needs.

Just as students come to yoga for a spectrum of purposes, yoga offers a spectrum of benefits.-- physical, psychological, and spiritual. Rather than impose a particular point of view upon my students, I try to create a relaxed, meditative environment in which students explore their own experience and arrive at their own unique understanding of this ancient tradition. 

Mya Souza

Practicing yoga helped me make significant changes in my life & continues to help me maintain health & wellness. Now, as I move along on my own journey, I'm grateful for the opportunity to share the knowledge & experience I continue to gain with others. I've been instructing since 2007 & have studied with Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter & Erich Schiffmann among others.

The yoga classes I instruct are well rounded and sometimes lead to a peak pose. We start with warm-up yoga poses, flow into challenging poses, core work, and move into a cool-down/calming sequence at the end. In order to get the most out of each pose, instruction on universal anatomical movement principles & alignment in poses is sprinkled throughout. Classes sometimes include breath-work & a restorative pose. During Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, movement is linked with the breath & you may sweat as you flow through poses while mindfully following verbal alignment cues. The intent of each class is to learn about ourselves as we flow, get into the present moment & quiet the mind.

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